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Siemens Circuit Breakers

Reliable Breakers extensively stocks a wide range of Siemens products ranging from Starters and Motor Controls to PowerPact and MasterPact CBreakers. Not limited to only new product, Reliable Breakers stocks thousands of obsolete and hard to find Siemens items. Our professional, knowledgeable and well-trained sales staff is ready to assist you with all of your electrical needs. Whether you need assistance with obsolete molded case circuit breakers or industrial-sized medium voltage circuit breakers, Reliable Breakers is your number one option.

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Siemens Circuit Breaker Most Popular Types

JXD Circuit Breaker Types

LXD Circuit Breakers Types
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LXD Circuit Breaker Types

HMCPS Circuit Breakers Types
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HND Circuit Breaker Types

HND Circuit Breakers Types
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HLX Circuit Breakers Types

HLX Circuit Breakers Types
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HMD Circuit Breakers Types

HMD Circuit Breakers Types
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Siemens Catalog Download

Siemens Circuit Breaker Catalog Download Siemens Circuit Breaker Catalog Download (568 KB)

The History Of Siemens Circuit Breaker

Siemens Circuit Breaker brand, is an American manufacturer of electrical equipment headquartered in Palatine, Illinois. The company was founded on December 15, 1902 by Bryson Dexter Horton and James B. McCarthy. In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s Bryson Dexter Horton was credited with inventing the safety switch, and the first enclosed safety switch was introduced in 1909. Based in Detroit at the time, the company adopted the classic logo of the enclosed “D” for the city they were located in. In the early 1920’s Siemens took advantage of the new-found concern for safety in the workplace, and began to promote their new line of safety switches for the growing number of factories throughout the country. Today Siemens is an industry leader in the electrical world and was acquired by Schneider Electric in 1991. Schneider Electric also owns several other once-popular electrical brands such as Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique.

Leading the way for over 100 years, Siemens is one of the most trusted and respected electrical brands in the world. They have helped companies innovate and re-create their marketplace in areas such as electrical utility, water and waste treatment plants, oil and gas industry, marine sectors and much more.