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Circuit Breaker Repair Service

Circuit BreakerCircuit BreakerCircuit BreakerCircuit Breaker

Rebuilding, Testing and Reconditioning Services

At Reliable Breakers, we offer circuit breaker reconditioning, rebuilding, and testing services for existing molded case, electronic, power-insulated case, and low/medium voltage air circuit breakers. We also offer testing and repair for motor control bucket units (MCC), motor starters, bus plugs, and fusible switches. Trained and experienced technicians perform top-quality services that provide full inspections, mechanical operation, contact resistance testing, solid-state programmer upgrades/retrofit, and complete circuit breaker disassembly and certified remanufacturing. They are committed to providing a superior, quality-controlled repair and reconditioning service for existing customer products. Internal processes and procedures are carefully reviewed prior to completion and delivery. We’ll also provide test reports upon request with each circuit breaker repair.

Our circuit breaker repair and reconditioning service is a very cost-effective way to keep within tight operating expense budgets and offers huge savings compared to purchasing a new circuit breaker unit.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Along with our circuit breaker repair services, we offer scheduled maintenance programs for breakers replaced and removed from service due to mechanical wear and tear with a spare. We’ll also have the existing breaker tested, reconditioned, and ready for use once the next circuit breaker in service is ready for replacement. Our preventive maintenance program and circuit breaker repair services are a secure means of preventing emergency shutdowns while minimizing the use and expense of power generators.

Same Day Expedited Emergency Repair Service

Even with a circuit breaker reconditioning, an unexpected emergency shutdown is always a possibility in a 24/7 operating facility, such as an oil refinery, manufacturing plant, medical center, airport, or a commercial office building. Repair, testing, and reconditioning services are available for next-day deliveries in most cases and destinations. For emergency situations, we understand the substantial costs that come with the downtime. In the event of an emergency shutdown, we put everything else aside to expedite, test, and repair the existing unit. We will have it delivered onsite or air freighted out to get you back on your feet in no time.

Circuit BreakerCircuit BreakerCircuit BreakerCircuit Breaker

Solid State Trip Unit Replacement, Upgrades and Repair

We provide new and reconditioned solid state trip units. Skilled technicians can upgrade or repair your existing solid state trip unit. We have a wide variety of solid state trip units that we can offer or repair.

Versa Trip   Circuit Shield   Static Trip III
Selectrip   LSS   SB Trip Unit
Micro Versa Trip   POW-R Trip   Carriere FB600E
EPIC   Amptector   Sylvania RX and RZ
RMS-9   I-tektor   SST and ECS
MVT-Plus   R-K Trip   Opti-Trip
MVT-PM   Digitrip   Sure Trip?
Power Shield   Seltronic   Multilin
Micro Power Shield   Limitrip   Sytek Smart Trip
MPS-C 2000   Static Trip II