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Circuit Breaker Tripping With Low Current Help

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27-Feb-2015 09:24 AM

Jim A

Posts: 2

I have an 800 amp circuit breaker that trips with little to no load!!

It looks like the main circuit breaker has tripped for the last few weeks when the building was not occupied.

Please Help!!!



27-Feb-2015 09:32 AM

Jim A

Posts: 2

I came across this on a large hospital site. 

I won't name the manufacturer but they had managed to get a CT within the breaker reversed at manufacture (or assembly as they were equipped with electronic tripping modules. 

Never a problem when loaded above about 40% of rating, very unstable (and increasingly so) as the load dropped away. Usually the breaker had a resonable load at all times - but during "load shifting" there werer times when it was lightly loaded - and it was the luck of the draw if it tripped or not. 

It took a lot of arguing, the lend of a replacement breaker and independent injection testing to prove it was unstable at low load - fromthat point, the supplier admitted to the CT reversal issue 

Of course, that may be a complete red herring for your case